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ARVADA - Angie Generose from Arvada lives with epilepsy. She’s written an essay in response to memes on social media suggesting Hillary Clinton is unfit for the presidency because of a health disorder.

Conspiracy theories published online suggest Clinton is suffering seizures. Generose does not think Clinton has seizures and does not think Clinton has epilepsy. However if she did, Generose says that should not make her ineligible for the White House.

Here are a few thoughts from her essay.

“I’m not qualified to be president for a million reasons, but epilepsy is not one of them.”

“If Hillary Clinton were truly having seizures, people should just show compassion. If someone is having a seizure, even if you don’t like that person, and your first instinct isn’t anything but compassion, then there’s something really, really wrong about that.”

“So these memes, they’re not funny and they’re not amusing. And they’re not intelligent. And I’m just asking people to be much better than this.”

“And I’m not saying that people can’t criticize Hillary Clinton, but they really need to stick to policies. You can’t say that someone isn’t qualified to be president because they have seizures. That’s very, very clear discrimination.”

“So to all the people out there who have seizures and they’re seeing these kinds of things, I would just say to take the high road. Let everybody else take the low road.”

Generose has had epilepsy for 14 years. She says it’s taken many of those years for her to get over the embarrassment of having seizures in public. She now sees such situations as a way of making more people aware of epilepsy.

Most of her seizures last three to four seconds, many without other people even noticing. “So, seizures are not the way that people think of seizures,” Generose said. “There are a lot of small seizures. I’ve probably had several as we’ve been sitting here talking, where your brain just loses consciousness for a couple seconds and then you come right back to it. So I probably have a lot that I don’t even know about. Sometimes I catch it, but other people don’t catch it. They’re happening about 20 percent of the time.”

Generose is an instructional designer. She designs training programs for colleges and companies.

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