Next Question: What are the unmarked cars off of I-25?

We got a few questions about these unmarked cars parked on the shoulder of I-25 near Hampden.

Next Question: We've gotten a few of them about unmarked cars. What are they doing?

They're parked on the shoulder of I-25, near Hampden.

Nope, they're not police cars. CDOT says they're actually called "Uniform Traffic Control."

These particular cars are actually owned by a private contractor. Off-duty contractors and police officers get paid to man those cars, to help out CDOT contractors.

They're called in to help with detours and to give tickets during paving and lane reconstruction projects.

The people in the cars can only give out tickets if they're uniformed police officers.

CDOT says, most of the time, those cars are used as "visual deterrents."

Also known as - cars used to scare people into slowing down.

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