Next Question: What's the 'airport influence district' in Aurora?

Next with Kyle Clark. 9/19/2016 9NEWS @ 6.

What's an "airport influence district?"

Next viewer John Gailey wanted to know what the signs surrounding Buckley Air Force Base actually mean.

They read "Entering Buckley AFB Airport Influence District."


We asked the City of Aurora to explain it.

It's basically for transparency. They want to warn those who are thinking about moving in the area that there will be a lot of loud noises, possible emissions, and a bigger risk for plane crashes, if they decide to live near the base.

The city actually has signs up with warnings for four airports: Buckley Air Force Base, DIA, Centennial Airport and Front Range airport.

When a new home is built in an "airport influence district," builders are actually required to give buyers a notice, so the buyer understands that F-16s may be roaring over their heads at any given time, day or night.

And if you're buying a pre-owned house near an airport, be sure to check the fine print in your title work for any sort of document about living near an airport.

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