Waiting on, waiting on broken glass... to get cleaned up

Next with Kyle Clark. 9/21/2016

DENVER - If you had court this morning in Denver County, you likely had a long wait on your hands.

Overnight a glass panel along the main staircase at the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse fell two stories to the ground and shattered, rendering the staircase unusable, and closing down the courthouse’s main entrance.

You might know what it usually looks like inside there, and why some refer to it as "the glass palace." The whole front wall is a window, and the main staircase is surrounded by a glass barrier.

Because of the fallen panel, the staircase didn't have a side to it anymore, and it couldn't be used. And all that shattered glass was around the main entrance. Everyone at court had to wait in line to get in through other smaller entrances. 

“People aren’t appreciating standing outside. If they couldn’t get it right they should have just sent us all home," said Roy Chase, who was there on a traffic assault charge. 

“I got out and pushed a guy after he ran into my car," he said. "He was the aggressor of the whole issue. I shouldn't be on TV telling everybody that," he laughed. You have to hear Roy's laugh. Hear it above.

The line stretched around to Colfax.

It's never fun to go to court, and even worse when you have to wait, but luckily Roy had a good attitude about it all. 

“At least I got mine dismissed. So it was worth my two hours.” 

The city could not immediately say how long it would take to replace the panel and reopen the entrance.

Individual judges had the say of what to do with people who were late to court because of the long line. From the sounds of it, they were understanding of the situation.

We're waiting to hear back from the city about how it all happened.

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