Tiny Cinema brings silent films to Colorado

KUSA - In the age of silent films, live music was a necessary component to help bring films to life. It's this same concept Denver-based musician Davey B. Gravey is trying to revive with a cinema on wheels.

The Tiny Cinema made its debut last August and has been on the road ever since. David Weaver, who goes by the pseudonym, Davey B. Gravey, says the original idea was suppose to be a one-time event that snowballed into a traveling show.

The miniature theater lives inside a trailer. Inside are four seats from the former Flatirons Theater in Boulder. The films are a collection of movies on super 8 film, meant for the small screen.

"It's the smallest film format and it's designed for the living room. It's meant for small spaces," Weaver said."People just kind of find them in their grand-parents' basement or whatever and put them up on eBay and Davey B. Gravey buys them."

The film, combined with the vintage projectors, create a nostalgic feel inside the theater.

Weaver's music, incidentally, matches the small feel of the cinema.

"I use a ukulele, which is kind of like a tiny guitar ...I also use this thing called the Kaossilator. It's just like a miniature synthesizer," Weaver said.

As a "melodic dabbler," Weaver perfects the sound that accompanies each film with every showing.

Fans of the cinema vary in age, capturing the attention of children who never knew film before sound.

"They like the Tiny Cinema which is cool and they dig the old time silent movie vibe which is surprising, but great" he said.

The goal of the cinema is simple, to bring "joy first and foremost" to all those who attend.

"I want people to feel nostalgic and I want people to just have a good time, it's a sideshow thing" he said.

The Tiny Cinema has traveled across the U.S. playing at music festivals, state fairs.

To see where it'll be next or book a private event, visit http://www.graveystinycinema.com/.

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