Are you sticking to your healthy resolutions?

DENVER - One of the biggest New Year's resolutions is getting healthy and losing weight, but the majority of people don't stick with it.

9NEWS Fitness Expert and Trainer Jamie Atlas challenged his clients to a 50-day fitness challenge. It started out with over 60 participants.

All of them had their own history of weight problems, and their own setbacks and struggles. They all put in hard work, but three of them rose to the top.

Meet the 9NEWS "Biggest Loser" finalists: Rebecca Vega, Lynn Bruner and Christine Hudek.

Rebecca Vega was an all-star athlete in high school and college. But then sports ended, and the weight started.

"About four years ago, after my second son, I realized I was 70 pounds overweight," Vega said.

She is a full-time working mom of two, but that's not the hardest part.

"Last October, I found out my mom has terminal cancer," Vega said. I'm really about to embark on one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do in losing her, but I don't want to lose myself in the process. How can I let her down? I don't know how much time we have left, but it's definitely a big motivator for me. I'm also a mom, and I want to be the best version of myself for my family and my kids so I am here for them in the long run."

Lynn Bruner was also an athlete.

"I was a state wrestler. I played football," Bruner said. "I was on the track team, and then I discovered beer and girls."

For Bruner, there was one distinct moment that was his turning point.

He was scattering his dad's ashes, who died at the young age of 58 from congestive heart failure. He looked at the pictures from that day, with sweat running down his back and realized he was on the same path as his father, overweight and diabetic and realized if he didn't change his ways fast, he would be leaving his wife and two young kids way too early.

"I want them to see when something is important to you, you have to work for it," Bruner said. "You have to make sacrifices. You have to choose your path."

Christine Hudek also has a long history of weight gains and losses.

"I have been a yo-yo person my whole life. I went through a divorce, and that's when I got down to a size 2 which was fabulous, but I couldn't maintain," Hudek said.

Hudek was a pastry chef, which was one of her biggest struggles, but she decided this time around, she was going to do it the right way and keep it off.

"I want to get back into my size 6 clothes. I want to go shopping in my closet. I have beautiful clothes that I want to get back into," Hudek said.

On 9NEWS' Workout Wednesday, all three finalists revealed their weight and inches lost and talked about what motivated them, what struggles they faced and gave advice for those wanting to do the same.

**Note: Rebecca Vega kept a blog the entire time through the process, and it might help others:

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