Spring cleaning survival guide

KUSA – Happy Spring! Whether you like it or not, spring cleaning season is here. It's time to don your rubber gloves and bust out your creative DIY side. 9NEWS has compiled for you the top 5 DIY spring cleaning tricks and organizing tips to help spruce up and beautify your home.

Make Your Own Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

If you want to go green this season and hate using toxic chemicals then creating your own citrus vinegar cleaner is your best option! This is also a great way to reuse citrus peels that would have otherwise made it into the trash. The cleaner is perfect for cleaning glass, mirrors, counter tops, and mopping floors. http://bit.ly/O35IiO.

Ingredients and Supplies:

Citrus peels

Glass jar

White vinegar

Spray bottle


Cut of citrus peels and place in jar.

Cover with vinegar and allow sitting for two weeks.

Remove peels and dilute vinegar 1:1 with water.

Pour solution into spray bottle.

Use as a cleaner for windows, glass, counters and mopping floors.

DIY Flip-Flop Hanger Organizer

The warm weather is rapidly approaching and with that means flip flops! But let's say you don't have enough storage for the tons of trendy flops you own?! No fear…9NEWS is here. Here's a tidy and creative storage method you can use for your shoes…plus its super cheap! http://bit.ly/1g9dsKL.


Curtain rod or closet rod hanger


Metal hangers

Pair of needle-nosed pliers


First grab a handful of the flimsiest metal hangers you can find.

Cut off the bottom section of the hanger. Take your pliers and roll up the two edges of the hangers.

Next, using both hands and pliers bend your hanger into a reverse u-shape. Feel free to beautify your hangers by spray-painting them either silver or gold.

Going Green Disposal Cleaner

So many of us hate pouring harsh chemicals down the drain. So why not instead try a friendlier way of cleaning your disposal. You can opt for a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda…And the best part you might ask?! The liquid has a fresh scent without being super overwhelming! http://bit.ly/1fbZg3v.


1/2 cup lemon juice

1/2 cup baking soda


Heat lemon juice in microwave for about 30 seconds.

Add baking soda slowly to lemon juice and mix well.

Turn on the disposal and pour liquid down the drain.

Turn on hot water for a few seconds to rinse away remaining liquid in the sink or the bowl. Feel free to use this method weekly.

DIY Sunglass Hanger Storage

Don't you just hate when you have too many sunglasses and never enough storage? Here's a simple and trendy organization trick you can use from now on to help you save room! http://bit.ly/1nsXPQj.


Tons of sunglasses Gold spray paint

1 extremely sturdy and thick metal hanger


Find a sturdy and thick hanger.

Spray paint the hanger you color of choice…I prefer gold.

Simple place your sunglasses on the rod of the hanger. Hook the hanger to the outside of your closet door knob.

Wine Bottle Accessories Organizer

Here is a new and super cute way to store your favorite bracelets and watches. Who would have thought of pairing a wine bottle with your favorite accessories?! http://bit.ly/1nsXPQj.


Watches and bracelets

Gold spray paint

1 or 2 wine bottles

Instructions: Find one or two old wine bottles that wash them out with soap and water. Then spray them …including the corks…with gold spray paint. Place your most favorite watches and bracelets over the head of the bottle.


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