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DENVER - A local mom blogger has created quite the online campaign for new moms out there who simply need support.

It all started when Stephanie Sprenger read an article about the smooth transition into motherhood and all the warnings she received while she was pregnant, such as preparing for sleep deprivation, sorrow, weight-loss challenges and how those warnings fell from reality for her when she experienced happy first months as a new mom.

That was not the case for Sprenger, and as she would soon find out, a lot of other women felt the same way. Sprenger's article is called "So Glad They Told Me," and it's about how there's a difference between giving moms and pregnant women negative, unkind warnings or preparing them for the reality that they might struggle with parenthood.

Sprenger says those women are not failing as parents. It's OK to ask for help. There's a way to do it in a comforting and supportive way.

The article has struck such a powerful and emotional chord for moms out there. Since the blog was released, hundreds of pictures have come in of moms holding a sign with the #SoGladTheyToldMe. They say everything from "I'm so glad they told me it was OK to go back to work," "It's OK if you don't fall in love with your baby right away," and "you will need nap time more than them."

Sprenger says many women feel ashamed that they struggled with their transitions to motherhood or have a hard time adjusting to motherhood. It seems as a society we often portray motherhood as a serene, natural experience and that's not often the case.

"I have experienced such a tremendous amount of support and it's been so touching," Sprenger said. "Moms from around the world sent me photos of what they're happy they knew as they entered motherhood using the hashtag #SoGladTheyWarnedMe. It's so great because the campaign in response to my article is allowing women to speak up and share their experiences and support for other moms who may be going through a similar situation. It's all about having them share their truths to help each other feel less alone, rather than focusing on the competitive element of the ridiculous mommy wars."

If you would like to view more photos and learn more about Sprenger's campaign, visit her website at

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