Olympian's puppies make stateside debut

NEW YORK – Turns out, even puppies can suffer from jet lag and mix up their time zones.

Olympic silver medalist Gus Kenworthy made it his mission to bring a group of stray dogs home from Sochi. On Friday, the puppy posse was in New York after a long flight from Russia.

Kenworthy had to come back to the states early, so his friend, Robin Macdonald, stayed behind taking care of the necessary paperwork and going through the process to bring the dogs home.

The men thought it would take a few days, but it wasn't that simple.

About a month later, the dogs are finally on American soil. Eventually, they will all make their way home to Colorado.

"It was insane," Macdonald said. "We had dogs in cargo, three dogs, but we had to be very selective about what flights could carry them safely."

One of the dogs, a black one, took the journey back with the rest of the passengers, riding on MacDonald's lap.

"He was barking, peeing, growling, stealing people's purses, shoes. It was not easy," he said.

Kenworthy said he and MacDonald fell in love with the family of dogs and vowed they would bring them home after the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

While Kenworthy didn't go to Russia in search of dogs, he says his story allowed him to bring attention to a much larger issue.

"I feel like the Olympics and getting a medal and everything have given me this platform to try and raise awareness," he said. "I just think there are so many great causes coming out of this. The Humane Society International is working with Russia now to try and set up better shelters and make it easier for dogs to be adopted over there."

Kenworthy has been flooded with people asking to adopt one of the dogs he brought home since his story broke on social media. He is planning on keeping one of the dogs, as is Macdonald. The rest, he says, will stay in his family.

The men urge others who were wanting one of the puppies to look at adopting from a local shelter or the Humane Society International.


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