Saturday Petline9 05/10/14

DENVER - Four exotic birds visited Petline9 Saturday morning

They live at the Gabriel Foundation and are available for adoption.

The Gabriel Foundation is a private, donor supported 501(c) (3) animal shelter and adoption center dedicated to parrots – and over 1300 birds of many species reside "under their wing."

Visitors are welcome at both the Denver and Elizabeth locations.

Kat, male Citron cockatoo
Kat is a handsome cockie. Kat originally came to TGF when his owners decided they could no longer afford to care for him. They'd had him nearly 20 years, and this was a major change for Kat. When Kat came into TGF in 1998, he was fortunate to find a wonderful home shortly after he arrived in our care with a couple who each loved the birds. Kat's former feathered family consisted of a Quaker, a Green cheeked conure and some finches. This family enjoyed each other for over a decade. Sadly, his human "mom" passed away after an illness, and Kat came back to TGF along with his feathered family. He's been here for the past 3 years, and he is a charmer. He thinks he's a big bird, and he has quite a few English words in his repertoire. Kat is used to other birds, and would be an outgoing addition to a small flock with a new family. Even if he's an only bird, Kat is outgoing and social and with a variety of people to share his life, he'll be a joy to his family. PS. Citron cockatoos like Kat are highly endangered in the wild, and species like Kat are native to the Indonesian island of Sumba.

Fiona, female Grand Eclectus
Fiona, now in her mid-teens, has been with The Gabriel Foundation since June, 2013, after her caregiver, who is an employee of a veterinary hospital, convinced her former owners to give the bird to him instead of having the bird euthanized. Fiona was severely malnourished, neglected and has chronic feather destructive behavior. He cared for Fiona for a year, and brought her back to health. His request to TGF was to find Fiona her new family. He insured that Fiona was given a full veterinary wellness exam, and he provided her a cage that has been her safe place which will go with her to her new family. Fiona is a character. Her favorite things: food! More food! Showers… and she receives showers every day. Fiona has quite a few words in her "English" vocabulary and she uses them appropriately. Fiona also has her own opinions about things in her life - people, places and things. She's become comfortable with many of our staff and volunteers. A busy schedule, plenty of activities, foraging and enrichment, and time outside when possible, will be a wonderful gift for Fiona. Like her redheaded namesake, Fiona's awaiting her own special family.

Spruce and Aspen, male and female Green cheeked conures

Aspen and Spruce were transferred to TGF in January 2014 from the Iowa Rescue League with 30 other birds. Their former owner, a bird breeder, died and all birds were transferred to the animal shelter. Aspen and Spruce are both color mutations of the adorable Green cheeked conure, known as Pyrrhura conures. We have learned that these conures can be a little shy, but once they make themselves comfortable with you, they quickly captivate your heart. Aspen and Spruce picked each other as BFF, and that's how they will be adopted, as a pair. Just because a male and female are housed together does not mean that they are mean to be a breeding pair or that they will not bond to people As their video shows, both Spruce and Aspen have quickly learned to make humans their comfy perch. They are young birds, in beautiful feather, and their recent veterinary wellness exams show that they appear to be in excellent condition and health. These small parrots are often called the "quiet conure" and their vocalizations are a lower pitch than their Aratinga cousins. Green cheeked conures can be wonderful feathered companions and this pair is ready to find their new adoptive family. Small but mighty, Spruce and Aspen have charmed everyone that has met them.

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