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SENIOR SOURCE - As you age, you may need to reconsider where you make your home. Changes in your lifestyle and your abilities may create a need for services and conveniences that are not readily available in your current community. In such a situation, you need to consider the possibility of either moving to a more accessible and equitable area or accessing new services in order to make your home livable considering your changing needs. The greater Denver area is working hard to provide the tools and resources aging adults need to access livable communities throughout their lives.

What is a Livable Community?

The Alliance for Regional Stewardship defines Livable Communities as those that "share a few baseline characteristics, such as a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere, convenience, safety, and affordability," as well as more subjective qualities determined by the people who live in those communities, including "the availability of artistic and cultural amenities," "easy access to dense downtowns," or "close proximity to parks and nature trails," among other possibilities. 


Find a Livable Community

The Denver Regional Equity Atlas is one of the tools that can help people find new, livable communities within the greater Denver area that will meet their needs and suit their tastes. This is an interactive tool that empowers users to create maps of the region's communities that provide relevant data to help users identify regions of interest. This tool also assists area stakeholders to improve the benefits and opportunities in their own communities to make them more livable for people with a full range of needs. 


Find Access to Disability Resources

The Aging and Disability Resources Center for Colorado (ADRC) helps to give adults over the age of 60 and adults with disabilities over the age of 18 streamlined access to the services and supports that can make their current homes and current communities more livable, so these adults can remain independent within their own homes. For example, the ADRC can help adults integrate and coordinate existing service systems to access the full range of available services that will meet their long-term care needs. Options counselors work with these adults to develop personalized options and resources, assist in the decision-making process, establish an person-directed action plan, and assist in the implementation of the plan. 


Metro Vision

Metro Vision is an online living document specific to the Denver Region. All 56 member governments have agreed to voluntarily to adhere to the vision, principles, and goals set forth. The document focuses on the key components of livable communities for everyone, including boomers and those looking to live where you can retire. 


The goal of all of these services is to empower individuals to make informed choices when deciding how they want to make their homes in livable communities. These decision-making and planning services are provided at no cost and family members, caregivers, friends, and professionals can make referrals on behalf of the aging adults in their lives. The ultimate goal is to help you make your home in livable communities that contribute substantially to your continued quality of life.

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