Ways to get to a Red Rocks show, ranked by ease and price

f you're into music and outdoors and possibly smelling marijuana in a public setting, you've probably already purchased tickets to at least one show by now.

KUSA - Arguably one of the best things about spring in Colorado is Red Rocks season.

If you're into music and outdoors and possibly smelling marijuana in a public setting, you've probably already purchased tickets to at least one show by now. 

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But if you're one of the peeps who likes to imbibe during the show, it's safe to say you shouldn't drive to or from the venue.

Thousands will most definitely need this information in the coming months, so we explored a few ways one could get to a Red Rocks show and ranked them by cost-effectiveness and feasibility.

For continuity's sake, the pick-up location for all of these options is Illegal Pete's on Colfax Ave.

Drive yourself

This is the quickest and of course easiest way to make it safely to a shindig at The Rocks. You do have to stay sober, though, which will ultimately save you even more money. There are several free lots to park your whip in while you gyrate to The Avett Brothers.

COST: However much money it takes to put enough gas in your car to drive 36 miles.

Get a friend to drive you

Pinning the responsibility of driving to Morrison on literally anyone else is the way to go if you plan on getting impaired in any way. This option is fabulous so long as you have a Sober Sam or Sally in your friend group.

COST: Whatever you think it costs to be a decent human being and friend


This option is really only viable if you're a cycling enthusiast and want to burn some mad calories before the show. This ride is 2.5 hours each way, which I guess isn't terrible if you're into that sort of thing.

COST: Free if you have your own bike. Or you can rent a B-Cycle, but it has to be returned by midnight, so pedal fast!


OK, this isn't really a thing. I just want to mention you can take in the sights and sounds of Colfax Ave. for about 12 miles if you're so inclined. This urban hike will allow you to spend the better part of your afternoon (and subsequent morning) trekking to and from the venue on foot. It's a cool 6-hour jaunt each way.

COST: Free! And you'll burn like 6,000 calories 

RTD W Line

This option offers pick-ups from a few places, but the most central is Union Station. A light rail ticket all the way to Golden will set you back $9 for the round trip. The W Line drops you off in Golden at the Jefferson County Government Center, which is still about a 5 mile drive from the amphitheater. From here, you can grab an Uber or Lyft (more on those later) straight to the top. 

COST: A $10 Uber/Lyft to or from the JeffCo station plus the $9 RTD ticket. 


If you don't care about solitude and want to pregame (with friendship only, of course) among fans of the band, an option for you is Bus to Show -- a nonprofit shuttle. The decked out school buses offer pick-ups from the Cap Hill and Champa Street Cheba Huts in Denver and offer discounts to riders. Bus to Show says its mission is to "reduce impaired driving and carbon emissions," so you can feel like an environmental martyr while you're on the way to jam out. BTS reps say they try to have a DJ on board (!!!!) the buses "to keep the party going".

COST: Anywhere from $22 - $27 round trip depending on when you purchase your spot.

(Fancier) shuttle

If you're down to clown with some strangers, but on an air-conditioned coach bus, there's a very specific transportation option you should look into. CID Colorado offers a shuttle service that picks up concert-goers from a few locations and takes them to Red Rocks. Those who choose the Illegal Pete's pick-up spot qualify for its Soundcheck program, which gets you a free beer with a purchase of a burrito.

COST: $35 round trip


For most millennials, ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft are the go-to transportation for a night out. They're easy to hail if you have a smartphone and provide a fare estimate before you request a ride. The only minor, teeny issue is that a lot of other people are also requesting rides, usually at the same time you are. And the way companies like these get more drivers to pick people up is to employ surge pricing --  where fares are higher during periods of high demand for rides. A ride that might typically cost less and $20 can easily balloon to more than $40 one way. Without surge pricing, however, both Uber and Lyft gave a fare estimate of $25 each way.

COST: Starts at around $50 round trip, but beware of surge pricing.


Taxis don't employ surge pricing, but they can be a bit pricier overall. Hailing a cab with your three closest friends one way to Red Rocks will set you back nearly $50 if you're using Yellow Cab, according to our very rough calculations.

COST: $44.86 one way (we think)


Rolling up to Red Rocks like its your senior prom is also a look you can adopt for the night. There are several limousine services in the Denver metro area that have capacity to hold up to 55 people. Prices vary, but a cursory search and quote from Denver Limo, Inc. places this as one of the more expensive transpo options for the night. 

COST: Starts at $432 for 6 hours

Drive home impaired

Don't do this.

COST: $10,270. That's seriously not a joke.


What's your favorite way to get to a show? Let us know! 

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