Are homemade mosquito bite cures too weird to work?

KUSA – Now that it's summer, most of us are heading outside to enjoy the nice weather. What's not so enjoyable, is the itchy bumps left behind by mosquitoes.

If you check Pinterest, you can find all sorts of people sharing their ideas on how to stop the scratch. One posting suggests rubbing a bar of dry soap on the bite. Then there are the food-related remedies, including everything from the inside of a banana peel to apple cider vinegar, a slice of lemon or a slice of onion.

Other homemade solutions include peppermint toothpaste.

9NEWS Medical Expert Dr. John Torres isn't so sure about some of the ideas.

"The ones I think would not work… rubbing a bar of dry soap on the bite. I can't think of why that would work from a medical perspective and any time you rub something, especially something that's hard like that, you're just going to start that itching process again and that's probably the main one I think probably wouldn't work," said Torres.

Torres didn't have a lot of faith in the onion slice, either. He says some home remedies can work.

"The ones I've heard not only from my patients, but also from myself doing this – the banana peel, that works really well – the peppermint toothpaste or any kind of toothpaste actually works. It's almost like calamine lotion, just covers the area and baking soda and water. Those work very, very well. On top of that, an ice cube or ice pack can work because you're trying to slow down the amount of blood flow that goes to the area and that slows down the itching," Torres explained.

The key is to stop scratching. Torres says it can spread the chemical left behind by the mosquito, making you itch even more.

9NEWS asked on Facebook about DIY mosquito repellents and bite remedies The shared answers are being added to a Pinterest board highlighting home remedies for prevention and treatment.

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