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We need a courageous leader and you have been chosen! The Help Wanted ad reads-"Seeking creative and courageous being, age is not relevant. Must love and demonstrate the idea of being on fire with passion and purpose.  Emphatically enjoys living with their heart out loud, being a force for positivity, and celebrating their gifts, talents and genius with unbridled zeal. Willing to play long hours in the name of high service and enlightened life performance.  Compensation: unlimited peace, well-being, abundance, fulfillment and love for you and all who you touch. Positions opens: now and always!"

Are you ready, open and willing to take and own the above position? Are you here to show up and raise up others around you? You have the resume, the tools, training and hutzpah to be that big, amazing and lights out bold and sexy and beautiful?! If so – Game On!!
Every successful leader has a playbook and here is yours: Precisely plan positive rituals. Happiness, success, transformational service and enlightened living and giving is made possible by following a plan of action every day. Take a compassionate and honest look at your present daily patterns and behaviors and ask yourself are they consistent with allowing the above "expansive life job" description to be realized? Are your first moves in the morning amazing? Are you awakened by enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation or by the snooze alarm unsettledness followed by smile stealing stress?! Let's change the game!
Upgrade your behaviors and speed up your transformation! 95% of all behaviors are habitual-ie. we do them because they are habits, ruts, worn out patterns for performing mediocre.  Today or tonight, set a new course for tomorrow's courageous living by scheduling "new and improved" habits that align with your higher expression. Research shows that two powerful ways to achieve results with changing your actions and changing your life is simply to choose the new habits that you desire: being a morning meditator, exerciser, breakfast eater, a more spiritual person, etc., and set a deadline.  Just setting the intention for these lovely new habits is not enough. Set the time, make the plan, and work the plan.
Momentum is key! Every morning you can call the plays you wish to run for the day and be on fire with passion and purpose; an unstoppable force for greatness! What life plays do you wish to run? Being and playing love, genius, creative, kind, courageous and alive with fire in your belly and heart is life’s greatest game that we are here to win! Life Game On!


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