Zealot of Wellness and Enthusiasm

We are all capable and deserving of great success. Whether or not we believe this is true is the key to unlocking our personal best. To uncover and discover new beliefs of capability, deservingness and success we must identify what we accept as true. When we know what beliefs invigorate and encourage us, then we can discover true freedom – the freedom to take charge of our lives.

Bringing forth these enlightened beliefs of our personal power takes commitment and practice. Continually focus, and remind yourself of these new beliefs. "I do enjoy taking great care of myself. I choose to live a life that reflects my commitment to healthy living; eating good food; engaging in satisfying and loving relationships. No matter what challenges I face on my path to optimum wellness, I will succeed in creating the life of my dreams."

Recite the beliefs to yourself regularly and paste them on your bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your car, or anywhere you will be certain to catch the affirmations on a daily basis. Saturate your environment with the "new you". Surround yourself with aspirations of greatness and you create greatness. Your present beliefs took years to develop. Your new beliefs may take the same amount of time. Be persistent! Be committed! Be a zealot of wellness! The more expectation, desire and enthusiasm you act with on behalf of your new beliefs the quicker they will become the beliefs that drive your life's direction and outcome.

Attach joy and enthusiasm to all of your important endeavors. Enthusiasm comes from the Latin "en theos" meaning, "one with the energy of the divine."
Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." Top executives rate enthusiasm as a more important factor in achieving success than experience and ability. To help bring forth the feeling of unbridled enthusiasm, picture yourself having followed-through your commitment to fully living your optimum wellness. See the sparkle and passion of your energy. Look around at the quality of your life, your relationships, and your love. Hold that vision. Work from knowing that this is you! This is your life. Remember whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can and will achieve! Go for greatness!


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