Big Venaxis shareholder, company CEO in mudslinging melee

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - A shareholder who owns about 10 percent of Venaxis Inc. is blasting company executives over the Castle Rock medical diagnostic company's recent acquisition of BiOptix Diagnostics Inc.

Shareholder Barry Honig of Florida blasted Venaxis (Nasdaq: APPY) and CEO Stephen Lundy in a Sept. 14 letter, saying the nearly $2 million deal was "clearly an inside management job to protect your salaries, benefits, board fees and to avoid a shareholder vote."

Honig accused Lundy of making the deal even though he has "a clear conflict of interest inasmuch as Jeffrey Peierls (is) an acknowledged friend and the 50 percent owner of BiOptix."

On Tuesday, Lundy fired back at Honig, saying"I find it unfortunate that Mr. Honig has decided to take an adversarial course of action against Venaxis. ... Mr. Honig has no grounds to impugn my personal integrity."

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