Gadgets: One very smart bed

You have a smartphone, smart TV and smart car. What's next? A smart bed.

Adjustable bed maker Sleep Number is out with a cutting-edge $8,000 dual-sided bed that tracks your sleep patterns and even lets you talk to it.

If you have a partner that snores, you can tap the universal remote and use a Partner Snore feature that will adjust the other half of the Advanced DualAir bed about 5 degrees to gently move the snorer. "It actually raises the head," says Sleep Number chief product officer Annie Bloomquist. "It's an ever so slight articulation and it at least temporarily relieves your spouse's snoring."

The bed also has built-in Sleep IQ technology that monitors your sleep patterns and recommends optimal settings for the adjustable mattress. It also tracks heart rate, breathing rate, amount of time you are lying still or moving and, using an app, cross-references pre-sleep activities such as exercise and caffeine to deliver Sleep IQ scores.

The bed responds to simple voice commands, too, that can be used to turn on the anti-snore feature, as well as the built-in massage function or the under-bed lighting so you can see in the dark.


Sleep Number's Sleep IQ technology, designed with BAM Labs, suggests the best settings for your bed.

Sleep Number's x12 beds, with technology from BAM Labs, will be available first in customizable beds (a queen-sized bed starts at $7,999) with additional smart features such as smartphone charging bays and power plugs. But the Sleep IQ features will migrate to all Sleep Number beds by the end of the year, starting at about $1,000.

"While this bed is a first of its kind with really unique consumer benefits, everybody deserves to know better sleep," Bloomquist says. "In the coming months we will be introducing these technologies across our entire Sleep Number line."


Dreampad was first developed by Integrated Listening Systems to help children who experience anxiety and sleep difficulties. As parents witnessed its effectiveness, they began trying it themselves and reporting equally positive results. The product was then refined for use by all ages and re-released to both therapeutic and consumer audiences.

The Dreampad utilizes the natural conductivity of the human body and delivers music through a gentle vibration which only the user can hear, helping its user to fall asleep more quickly. More than 80% of the participants in a recent study showed a significant relaxation response within 15 minutes of using the Dreampad pillow.

Super Rope Cinch

This is an easier way to tie up boats, tents, luggage, tools, you name it. With just a simple twist, the cinch secures ropes without tying knots. To tie, twist the top.

Berm Speaker

The Bem wireless, remote mobile speaker is no bigger than a tennis ball. It delivers a rich, precision-tuned sound. It connects via Bluetooth with smart phone or tablet. Six colors.

True Easy Syringe

The True Easy Syringe was developed by a local mom. These syringes are liquid medicine dosing syringes that reduce overdosing errors.The mom has three kids and when they're all sick , each with different doses of medicine several times a day, it can get confusing. You just choose the amount to be drawn in and the syringe stops at that amount. The syringe stays set at that level until you change it. Available at CVS and Walgreens.

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