How everyone benefits when managers work to reduce workers' stress

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - Stress is a used, misused, abused and overused word in our daily conversations. But what is stress, clinically speaking?

Dr. Hans Seyle, the father of stress management research, said, “Stress is the wear and tear on your body caused by life’s events.” He believed the most frequent causes of stress are an inability to adapt and not having an established code of behavior to guide our actions. Translation: If we can’t change, we need to understand when enough is enough.

Because April is stress awareness month, now is a perfect time to discuss how stress affects us. Hundreds of experiences in life cause stress, both good stress (eustress) and negative stress (distress). Our bodies are designed to meet these stressors, but each person has to determine the right amount to function at their optimum level.

Stress is frequently caused by time pressure — you don’t have enough minutes in the day to do everything you want and need to accomplish.

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