Don't let your kid go to college without these 9 things

KUSA - In the coming weeks, 20 million students will go to college. More than 3 million will be attending for the first time. That's why we put together this list of 9 "must-haves" for college.

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1. A laptop -- not a tablet

You can't beat the functionality or the power of a laptop. Consumer Reports recommends many models, including those from Acer, Apple and Dell and says you can get a good one for about $800.

2. A small refrigerator

Consumer Reports is recommending three models, all from Frigidaire--all about $200. The model numbers and prices are:

  • Frigidaire Model FFPH-44M4L (M) for about $220.
  • Frigidaire Model BFPH-44M4L, at Best Buy for about $210.
  • Frigidaire Model LFPH-44M4L, at Lowe's for about $190 dollars.

3. A great pair of earbuds

Kids learn quickly in a community situation, it's not OK to "share" all of their music. That's where headphones come in. There is a terrific set from "Airbuds." They come with great foam tips for comfort, and run about $40 on Amazon.

4. A great chair

Kids will spend a lot of time in a comfortable dorm chair. They'll eat in it, work in it, sleep in it and watch TV in it. This is a much better solution than making them work constantly from their beds or their desk chair.

5. A good microwave

Consumer Reports likes the $150 Kenmore from Sears. It's small and portable and has enough power that that it can heat both meals and snacks.

6. A blender

This might come as a surprise, because you would think a good coffee maker would be high on the list. But a lot of millennials apparently prefer their coffee from a barista and not from their own pot. And many of them love to make their own smoothies. Consumer Reports likes the Blendtec blender. It comes in several models and prices, but the bottom line is, it's really tough! Get a good one for about $350. It will last forever.

7. A pod coffeemaker

In case you have a kid that likes to make their own, Consumer Reports likes the $130 DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio. It's quick to brew that much-needed first cup. A less expensive option is the $40 Mr. Coffee. It consistently heats up to the perfect brewing temperature.

8. A toaster

The $80 Oster is a good option. It bakes and broils just as well as much pricier models and they are great at crisping-up leftover pizza. They're also small enough to fit in a corner or on a small table or desk.

9. A window air conditioner

A GE is a Consumer Reports best buy at just $210, model number AEM05LS,

The takeaway? Equip your youngster with a few essential comforts of home, and they can concentrate more on grades, and less on basic survival.

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