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Health insurance, flu top of 9NEWS viewers' minds

11:49 AM, Nov 19, 2009   |    comments
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One 9NEWS viewer wrote, saying she and her husband had to recently cancel their health insurance through her husband's employer because they couldn't afford it anymore. She suffers from migraines and chronic pain from an elevator accident and wanted to know where she can go to get the health care and medication she needs.

Dr. John recommended going to the Colorado Community Health Network's site: The site has a listing of all the community health centers in the state. The government gives the centers grants to take care of people who don't have insurance or who have limited insurance and can't make all the payments.

A nursing mother of an 8-month-old baby asked if both she and her baby should get vaccinated for H1N1 or if the antibodies would be carried through the breast milk.

"When you're breast feeding, you do give your baby special protection but those protections are very short-lived, so in order to get full protection from the flu or any other illness, they need vaccinations," Dr. John said.

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