Moose roam Steamboat Springs

7:06 PM, Dec 9, 2010   |    comments
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"We have world class skiing, golfing in the summer and the Yampa River runs through town," said Krasilinec.

This time of year it's the snow that brings a lot of people to Steamboat. Mike Middleton with the Colorado Division of Wildlife says there's another species that seems to like Steamboat.

"These days they have spilled over from Jackson County over the years," said Middleton. The Division of Wildlife Office says they've seen the moose population grow in recent years.

"We have gone from a dozen moose a dozen years ago to closer to 50 now within several miles of Steamboat Springs," said Middleton.

Watching the moose population go from just a few to well over 50 has created some problems. Some moose have been seen at the ski area. Using the bike path, others have made it to town. At the hospital, one moose saw its own reflection in the window and nearly charged right through it.

"If a moose doesn't want company and sees his own refection it could be bad for the big window," said Middleton.

Hospital security cameras not only caught that moose, but two others fighting in the parking lot. Those that know the animal say it shows moose can be dangerous when other moose or people get too close.

"A moose is much more dangerous than a bear or mountain lion because they will allow you to get close," said Middleton. That's why they say to stay clear of moose on the loose, even if most people get excited to see them.

"There have been a lot of sightings and postings on Facebook," said Krasilinec. "I think any publicity like that is great."

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