Gluten-free Girl Scout Cookies?

8:31 AM, Jun 7, 2011   |    comments
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Elle Manilow has celiac disease, so she can't eat anything containing gluten.

It's not too big of an issue for her mom, Stacey.

She's figured out how to duplicate most foods.

There's just one problem.

Elle is a Girl Scout and the cookies she has to sell every year are made with gluten, meaning she has never tried her troop's product.

"It makes my tummy hurt," she explains.

After numerous unanswered calls and emails, Stacey Manilow decided to start a petition urging the organization to make an alternative cookie.

"The human aspect of it, that there are Girl Scouts who can't eat the cookies and they should be thinking about their own members, has not been enough for them," she says.

Girl Scouts of America says they strive to make healthy cookies but just can't make a cookie for each dietary need.

Nearly 3,000 signatures in, Stacey Manilow hopes she'll change that policy so little girls like Elle can sell their cookies and eat them too.

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