YOUR SHOW - June 26, 2011 - last shuttle mission, weather on other planets

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First, the U.S. shuttle mission is set for its last flight in July. As the program comes to an end, YOUR show discussed the future of space exploration for the United States.

Dr. Steven Lee from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is an expert in planetary geology. Dr. Jack Burns is a professor of astrophysics and space astronomy at the University of Colorado at Boulder. They answered your questions about going back to the moon, letting the private sector take over the space program and whether the government should still have a role in space exploration.

Viewers who participated in this program include Kimn from Evans, Chris Nugent, MaryFrances Gillis and Sam Jarris.
If you are interested in watching the last shuttle launch, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is hosting a watch party on July 8.

9News meteorologist Marty Coniglio hosted in the next segment that contained your questions about weather on other planets. Michael Carroll, author of "Drifting on Alien Winds: Exploring the Skies and Weather of Other Worlds," was the guest.

Carroll answered questions about life on other planets, if there is water on Mars, the range of weather in the solar system and what planet Earth will closely resemble in the future.

Thanks to Maureen Gilbert, Christine Krueger, Brian in Littleton, Steve Tringl, Craig Simms and Michael John Hutchinson for participating in the segment.

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