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Despite complaints, E-470 says its system 'is not broken'

5:42 PM, Jul 29, 2011   |    comments
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We get dozens of emails about overbilling, mistaken billing, and in the case of one woman, repeated run-ins with a collection agency for bills she paid.

"They felt it was my fault. I had to do all the leg work and they were not going to go out of their way to help me," Jessica Kruckeberg said.

She has gone through nine months of frustration because of E-470's mix-up.

She traveled on E-470 in April and received a bill in May for $10.10. She sent a check and it was cashed by E-470 on May 25.

Then on June 5, she received a $5 late fee for the same bill.

After talking to an E-470 representative, Sarah or "Agent 88," the agent admitted it was E-470's mix up and that the problem was solved.

Then Kruckeberg got a collections notice for the same bill a month later.

"It's like they weren't hearing me and they were just spitting out responses. Like they weren't thinking outside the box that this situation is different," Kruckeberg said.

Kruckeberg says E-470 made her feel like the inadequate one, even though when all was said and done and she was right all along.

"They dropped the ball. I think E-470 needs to step up," she said.

This isn't the first time she's had this problem. In December, Kruckeberg says the same thing happened - she was taken to collections and it ended up that E-470 credited the wrong account.

She also had another account mix-up with E-470, but that time she wasn't taken to collections.

"Once, I understand. Twice, maybe it's a fluke. But now it's just unreal," she said.

Kruckeberg says she won't be taking any toll roads any time soon.

"I was at the airport last night and really wanted to get home. I saw the exit [for E-470], but said, 'Nope, I'll take [Interstate] 225. It's kind of a running joke now. When I get a bill from [E-470] my husband says, 'What's wrong with it now?'"

E-470 couldn't meet with us on camera Friday, but it did send a statement: "The customer's situation was not a result of a faulty process. We stand by our billing system and continue to emphasize that it is not broken."

When asked if there are any increases in complaints, late notices and/or collection notices, E-470 responded: "Simply no, to all of the above."

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