PD: Suspects killed victim because she 'snitched'

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Terence George was found dead in his apartment in November 2010. His girlfriend Tiffany Durst was missing until police found her body in April 2011. The apartment was near East Mississippi Avenue and South Peoria Street in Aurora.

Terrence McNeal 20, Janelle Harris, 20, and Tiera Homes, 19, are all facing two counts of first-degree murder.

Court documents in this case have been sealed. During the preliminary hearing in the case Tuesday morning, the Aurora Police Homicide Detective Chuck Mehl testified McNeal dated Durst at one time.

Mehl testified shortly before the November murder. McNeal was released from serving a burglary sentence in the Department of Youth Corrections. Mehl testified McNeal contacted Durst right after he was released and spent a number of days with her. They considered each other friends, according to investigators.

Court testimony indicated Durst was a witness in McNeal's 2008 burglary case in Weld County. McNeal thought she "ratted him out," but Durst never testified. McNeal ended up serving time for the crime.

The Aurora detective interviewed Harris who told investigators on Nov. 19, the man nicknamed "Little Black," later identified as McNeal, told her and Homes they were going to rob a girl, get $50,000 and "get" the girl because she snitched on him.

According to court testimony, McNeal met Durst outside her apartment and had Homes and Harris stage an assault, during which Homes and Harris threw Durst on the ground and assaulted her. Durst was taken to her apartment, where her hands were tied with a belt and she was gagged with a pillow.

Detective Mehl testified Durst was eventually taken out of her apartment, put in the trunk of her own car and the three defendants drove around, while McNeal called around looking for a shovel.

The three eventually came up on a field where McNeal tossed her over a fence, assaulted her and told her how she messed up his life, according to court testimony.

McNeal told Durst, "I'm not going to kill you, I'm going to scare you," testified detective Mehl.

Mehl told the courtroom filled with victims' families and the defendants, Durst was pleading for her life the entire time. While in the field, McNeal pulled out a dull knife and stabbed Durst several times. That didn't kill her, according to Mehl. Mehl told the court that McNeal strangled Durst with the belt that was used to tie her hands.

Testimony states after Durst was dead, the three drove back to the apartment because McNeal was concerned George would file a missing persons report, and they still wanted to take some things from the place.

Mehl told the court McNeal ended up shooting George twice with an AR-15.

According to detective testimony, Homes told Mehl "Do exactly as I say. If you don't do exactly what I say, you'll end up like she did."

Mehl also says McNeal wanted to keep the belt he used to strangle Durst as a "keepsake" and a "souvenir."

Mehl says a witness told him McNeal said he got sexually aroused while strangling Durst.

According to testimony, McNeal said if he could have at the time, he would have had intercourse with Harris.

Durst's family and friends were seen weeping in court after this statement from the stand. Several members had to leave the courtroom after hours of testimony.

9NEWS spoke with George's mother. She told 9NEWS that she lives on a Navajo reservation in Arizona. She says her son moved from the reservation about a year prior to the murder because he wanted to get a job. According to court testimony, George worked in an Aurora-area McDonald's with Durst.

Mrs. George says the only thing she has left from her son is his 4-year-old son.

Durst's articles were found in Harris' apartment after she was questioned by police.

Anastasiya Bolton will have more information on this ongoing trial during the 4 and 5 p.m. newscast on 9NEWS.

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