Profiler: Confessed murderer may have killed others

10:02 AM, Sep 12, 2011   |    comments
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"The question for law enforcement is not, 'Is he capable of murder?' but, 'How many people he might have killed,'" Clint Van Zandt, a 25-year former behavioral profiler and recognized expert for the FBI, said. "For sure, he's a sociopath, a psychopath and an anti-social personality."

Forbes was charged Thursday with killing Kenia Monge on April 1. Police say he picked her up after a bar and offering a ride home. Sources tell 9Wants to Know, Forbes says he then got into a fight with Monge and killed her. He's being held in Larimer County Detention Center on charges of attempted murder in an attack on a Fort Collins woman where he allegedly sexually assaulted her and then set her apartment on fire.

There are similarities between the murder of Monge and attempted murder of the Fort Collins woman, according to sources. Those traits, along with others, leaves a strong possibility that he's a serial killer, according to Van Zandt.

"He is the sun and everyone else are the stars and the planets and it doesn't hurt him to cause pain or injury to anyone else," Van Zandt said. "He's only there to manipulate people; to use them to get what he wants from them and to move on."

The bakery owner who rented Forbes space in the kitchen to bake and sell gluten-free sandwiches and granola bars for two years, says he was a convincing liar.

"He struck me as the kind of person who would lie even if it was better to tell the truth because he lied so much, he didn't know how not to lie," Monica Poole, owner of Deby's Baker, said.

Poole says Forbes told her his mother had an advanced case of breast cancer and had to take care of her, that he owned his own home and was a dishonorably discharged Marine who had refused a second tour of duty in Afghanistan because he had killed a citizen. Poole learned later it was all untrue.

She confronted him about the lies a couple of months ago, she said.

"He said, 'I need to have people think highly of me, have a high estimation of me,'" Poole said. "He said, 'All my problems have stemmed from my wanting people to be proud of me.' It seemed so sad, in a way."

One thing is true, she says. He has a violent temper. Poole says he once sent her a four-screen text "ranting and raving and using obscenities" about one of his employees who didn't bake some muffins properly.

Another time, after someone stole one of his white coolers that he'd left outside, Poole says he went into a rage, punched his van and screamed.

"He ranted and raved so loudly... that people from neighboring businesses came to watch him rant and rave and he went on for half an hour," Poole said.

Poole says Forbes also continually stole money from her cash register until she threatened to call police. Even then, she says he stole more from her cash register the day Monge disappeared.

One receipt Forbes left in the bakery shows he bought $90 worth of lumber, including 1 X4 pieces of wood and wood planks.

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