'Occupy Denver' demonstrators assign jobs, duties to participants

10:50 PM, Oct 8, 2011   |    comments
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The demonstrators come from every corner of the state, but it's a common feeling of discontent with the way this country is headed that's brought them together

One demonstrator likened the group to a "little community" that offers the kind of services you might find in any small town.

Demonstrator Patrick Mardsen is also a professional cook, and has been assigned the job of feeding the group.

"I do believe that Denver is the first place to actually have a free kitchen," Mardsen said.

He said that kitchen has a very large amount of food at its disposal and a surprisingly steady supply chain.

"Tokyo Joes donated food one night," he said. "We had one place donate a pot to us but it's mostly people bringing it in."

Even as Denver and state police keep a watchful eye on what's going on, there are some among the demonstrators assigned to keeping the peace.

"We do not promote violence, we actually discourage it," said one member of a specially assigned security team who declined to be named.

Mardsen said the growth of the community is a group effort that keeps gaining momentum.

"We had Lupe Fiasco come out last night and drop off a bunch of tents and tarps," he said. "It was really cool. This is a great spot for people to come to and eat some food and start talking and communicating and start having that open dialogue that we need to have so that we can decipher what the problem really is."

The occupy movement has not come without its fair share of criticism. Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has described the movement as "anti capitalism", and some have said that managing the demonstration is a waste of police time and resources.

To read more about the mission of Occupy Denver, visit: http://occupydenver.org/occupy-together/ 

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