Twins born 63 days apart see themselves on billboard

11:25 PM, Nov 10, 2011   |    comments
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Now, it's a challenge to put one of them on her hip.

"You are so heavy now, Adam," she said as she walked carrying him and holding Jayson's hand.

They are 5 years old.

The Rugg family, from Highlands Ranch, knows from experience that life is an adventure that is full of surprises.

"Look at the billboard and see if we recognize anybody," Rugg told the boys.

It is a surprise on the corner of Speer Boulevard and Arapahoe Street in downtown Denver.

The three of them wait for the pictures on a digital billboard to cycle through. Then it appears.

"Did you recognize you?" she asked Adam.

"Yeah! I could see my brother and I was on his side." Adam answered excitedly.

Adam and Jayson's baby picture was featured on a billboard for HealthONE and Presbyterian/St. Luke's Hospital. The Ruggs are one of the hospital's success stories and part of its Baby Faces campaign.

For Rugg, seeing one snapshot of her boys as babies starts a 5-year reel of memories.

It was May 2006 when she found herself in labor, almost four months before her due date. It was a terrifying surprise. There was an infection and doctors had to deliver Adam. While he was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), doctors kept his twin inside to buy Jayson time to get stronger. Since they are fraternal twins, it was an option.

Both babies were at great risk. Dr. Jeffrey Hanson cared for them.

"Usually, the first twin doesn't survive," Hanson said.

Darren Rugg, the boys' father, was shocked by all of it.

"When they told us they could deliver one and keep the other one inside, we kind of looked at each other and said, 'You can do that?'" he said.

Doctors hoped to delay delivering the second baby for a few days. A couple of weeks would be ideal.

Sixty three days later, Jayson arrived.

In the years since, 9NEWS has been getting to know them and have followed their story as they've overcome one obstacle after another. They have caught up on their growth charts and now are some of the bigger kids in their kindergarten class. They are doing great developmentally, too.

Those are blessings Kim Rugg counts as she looks at their picture on that billboard.

"I couldn't see past a certain day. We just took it one day at a time and hoped for the best," she said.

The boys were chosen as part of a campaign to highlight the success stories of Presbyterian/St. Luke's NICU. Different children will be profiled on different days.

After a few minutes seeing themselves on the big screen, the Rugg twins had seen enough.

"OK, I want frozen yogurt now," Jayson said.

If you'd like to see the pictures of the HealthONE babies campaign, visit

Baby Faces is part of a HealthONE online photo campaign to highlight babies born at any of HealthONE's six acute care hospitals in Denver. The campaign is the first of its kind in Denver and invites parents to upload a picture of their baby for the chance for their baby to be featured on a Denver billboard.

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