Roofers go 3 weeks without pay

11:26 PM, Nov 22, 2011   |    comments
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Some of them recently walked off the job at the Breakers apartment complex, near East Mississippi Avenue and South Dayton Street.

Jeff Mueller, a roofer, says he's fed up and hasn't seen a dime after putting in almost 117 hours of work.

"We can't pay our bills. The turkey isn't going to be on the table because of it this year," Mueller said.

With Thanksgiving approaching, the timing couldn't be worse. Mueller says his former boss, Terry Boyd, owes him more than $1,900.

"Three weeks, no pay. That's a lot of money," Mueller said.

Mueller was part of a 16-person roofing crew at the Breakers apartment complex.

Boyd confirmed to 9NEWS that all of his worker's paychecks bounced, but claims the blame lies with the company that handles his payroll, ADP.

"ADP made a mistake on our payroll," Boyd said, explaining that was why the checks bounced.

ADP Associate District Manager Matthew Froman says his company doesn't put the money in Boyd's account and the only mistake they made was dropping off the checks one day late.

"We have no idea how much money is in the account or anything," Froman said. "[Boyd] has to make sure the money is in there. How are we supposed to know when a business owner makes a deposit?"

Josh Gallegos, another roofer formerly employed by Boyd, says he hasn't received a paycheck, just empty promises.

"Every time I'm about to get paid it's one story after another," Gallegos said. "Where's my rent going to be coming from? It's almost the end of the month and Thanksgiving is right around the corner."

Brian Higgins also worked for Boyd. He has time sheets, but no pay stubs.

"It's unbelievable. I got two little kids at home. I got a wife," Higgins said.

9NEWS has learned Boyd owns at least three companies in Denver. His roofing business operates under the name B&B Ltd.

Boyd says he hasn't paid his workers for "multiple" reasons.

"I haven't been paid. My company has not been paid," Boyd said.

But Boyd has been paid in-full, according to Rodney Whitley with United Renovations, the general contractor in charge of the roofing project at the Breakers.

"We are paid up to date on all sub contractors. They are paid on a bi-weekly basis," Whitley said.

"Well, the general contractor is wrong," Boyd said. "I have not been untruthful at all with my employees or anyone else."

Boyd's criminal record includes a history of check fraud. Court records show Boyd pleaded guilty to felony theft three times. He promised to pay his workers.

"That's in the process of being resolved. I hope it's resolved tomorrow," Boyd said.

Mueller's afraid he'll never see a dime, which means the holidays will be a struggle.

"It's rough. It's real rough, man. At one point I need to explain to my children what's going on and that's going to be the heartbreaker," Mueller said.

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