Streak of bad luck turns for pedicab driver

11:44 PM, Nov 23, 2011   |    comments
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Brent Mahlman admits he made a mistake, but at the time, it seemed a good decision.

Early last Sunday morning, Mahlman was working when he gave some people a ride home to their apartment near Coors Field. They realized they had left their wallet at the bar, but said they had some cash inside.

"I figured well, if I let you go inside, I might not see you again, so I followed them inside for a quick minute," Mahlman said. He got his $20, went back outside and the pedicab was gone.

Panic set in quickly. He ran around searching. He called a friend who was a cab driver and asked him to drive him around. Then he called the police.

No one could find his pedicab. He filed a police report and called the owner of the company. He even went so far as to offer a $150 reward for the pedicab.

After three days of searching, he told us his story. This pedicab was his livelihood. After losing his a job a few months ago, he took this job to help pay his bills. He's a student, and he has some medical bills from six years ago, when he was fighting non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Plus, he likes this job.

"I will say, it's the hardest job I've ever had, one of the most rewarding jobs though," Mahlman said.

While talking to 9NEWS, he decided to go back to the area where the pedicab disappeared. From the start, he had a gut feeling that someone might have taken it as a prank and parked it somewhere nearby.

He went back to the apartment complex in the area and hopped a fence to get into a locked parking lot. After walking up a couple of floors, he finally found it.

Within minutes he found someone pulling into the lot and begged him to open the gate to let him in. He couldn't believe his luck.

"Everything's in there. No one took a darn thing, car keys, got my cooler, my lunch, my snowboarding gloves...they even left my blanket! Thank you very much," Mahlman exclaimed.

He was back in business. Back to pedaling to pay his bills, back to believing that luck was on side.

He even says his boss isn't upset anymore because the pedicab has an ad for his wife's legal firm on the seat, and it got some free TV time with this report.

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