Nothing tastes like victory like 'Tebrew' - a beer to embody Tebowmania

7:35 PM, Dec 15, 2011   |    comments
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Bonfire Brewing in Eagle invented the ultimate victory beer - "Tebrew."

Tebrew Sunday Sipper is a barleywine.

"It's an American-style barley wine that we just brewed up a couple months ago," Jessen, co-founder of Bonfire Brewing, said.

Bonfire described the brew as "good for a variety of things - tolerating watching all that Tebowing, celebrating in victory or drowning the sorrow of a loss."

"We happened to be watching the Broncos game in here on Sunday," Jessen said. "As the minutes were ticking away we were wondering if he was going to pull it out. We were sitting here, sampling the beer, trying to come up with a name, kicking ideas around. And all of a sudden our buddy Hobey shouts out: 'Tebrew!' "We knew it right then, 'That's the name.'"

Since the Gospel and the gridiron are inextricably intertwined in Tim Tebow's world, Bonfire specified that this drink will not "absolve you of any sins. In fact, it may cause you to commit many more."

"Barley wine takes quite a while to age because of the high alcohol content," Jessen said. "You wouldn't really be too well off after a full pint of it."

Besides the irony of the fact that Tebow reportedly does not consume alcoholic beverages, the brewery says they are simply modeling the beer after him to form the perfect, refreshing drink for game day - not to make a profit off his image.

"I hope some people will get a kick out of it, hopefully mister Tebow himself," Ken Hoeve, who came up with the name, said. "Just to pay homage to him, it's a great responsibility."

The company admits the real Tebow may not be too impressed with the idea.

"We hope he appreciates it," Hoeve said. "We have the best beer in Colorado."

The logo of the barleywine is actually an outline of a person "Tebowing" with a frothy mug in hand.

Amanda Jessen/Created Logo

"It's become a symbol of camaraderie and victory and success on the field," Amanda Jessen, who created the logo, said. "We're not putting out a picture of Tebow himself. It's basically just this image that everyone recognizes of something he started."

"We're not trying to overstep our bounds or claim something we're not," she said.

There's already been big demand for the brew.

"We're getting calls from Florida, Mississippi, North Dakota," Andy Jessen said. "Every corner of the country. People want to try the Tebrew even though they don't know what it tastes like."

The Tebrew is not available by the bottle yet, but it is available on tap at Bonfire Brewery. You can find more information on Tebrew at

Supplies are limited.

"When it's gone, it's gone," Andy Jessen said.

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