New DPD chief meets with Occupy Denver protestors

8:52 PM, Dec 15, 2011   |    comments
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In a brief meeting Thursday afternoon, White answered a few questions from some of the protestors, mainly about what they're allowed to do in the park, and what might get them in trouble with the law.

That came after Denver Public Works distributed flyers to the Occupiers on Wednesday asking them to comply with all Denver ordinances. That includes keeping the sidewalks clear and being out of the parks after they officially close at 11 p.m.

"I'm here to tell you that that's an issue and I'm asking you to take them down, and if you refuse to take them down which is certainly in your right to do that, then we are going to enforce the law," White said.

Denver Public Works planned on returning to the park on Thursday to check back in with the Occupiers, but after realizing that most did not intend to move their things out of the park, it now says it is "re-evaluating" the situation.

Occupiers say they're happy the city and the new chief are creating a dialogue, but say it could be awhile before they come to any sort of compromise.

"We exist on their terms, so there really is no negotiation, I feel. But the opportunity to sit down in front of him and be able to find out what is their top three or four concerns and maybe find out what is at the bottom of their list - everybody can be happy," Anthony Chavez, a protestor, said.

The protestors will have an opportunity to meet with White again on Monday. He's invited a group to sit down with him so they can talk about the goals of the movement.

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