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PHOTOS: Sexiest Super Bowl ads

2:05 PM, Jan 20, 2012   |    comments
  • Visa featured the U.S. Olympic women's volleyball team in skimpy outfits playing in the snow instead of on the beach in this 2004 ad.
  • What was then the World Wrestling Federation ran an ad in 2000 that featured female wrestlers playing beauty pageant contestants who show how they really compete.
  • Anheuser-Busch scored the top-rated Ad Meter spot in 2001 with the amorous adventures, gone awry, of smooth-talking funny guy Cedric, whose Bud Light explodes all over his dream date.
  • Advertisers also spoofed sexual imagery and attraction. In 2000, M&M's ran an ad titled "What is it about the green ones?" that showed men being distracted by a sexy green female M&M.
  • Football and cheerleaders are a time-honored tradition, and they don't get any more popular than the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. Low-cost Internet appliance maker Netpliance ran a Super Bowl ad in 2000 that featured the cheerleaders.
  • Cross-dressing men were used to get laughs in this 2002 Levi's Dockers ad. It featured burly men wearing little black dresses The ad for Dockers Dress Casuals pants was directed by Christopher Guest, who is known for his work on mockumentaries such as "Best in Show" and "This is Spinal Tap" fame.
  • Pepsi took 12th place in 2001 with an ultimate male fantasy: a man on the subway daydreaming about being with multiple women in bikinis in a hot tub.
  • Perennial Ad Meter favorite Anheuser-Busch scored big in 2002 with another first place winner that combined sexual allure and humor. The ad featured a Bud Light-loving guy whose sexy wife in lingerie lures him with a bottle but quickly loses him to some slick satin sheets that send him flying out the bedroom window.
  • Victoria's Secret was a first time Super Bowl advertiser in 1999 with an ad using bra-clad women to pitch its website fashion show. The ad scored in the middle of the Ad Meter pack but men, not surprisingly, rated the ad higher than women.
  • Dentyne Ice featured a hot couple who get very cool after enjoying the gum. In the 2001 ad the pool hall turns into ice after having a piece of Dentyne Ice.
  • Pepsi bet big on frequently belly-baring pop star Britney Spears with two ads in 2002 that didn't perform all that well in Ad Meter. One ad took Spears back in time in different decades like this '60s beach scene. The other featured Spears singing a '50s Pepsi jingle in a diner.
  • In 1995, Soloflex ran two different ads during the Super Bowl. One featured an athletic woman in workout clothes using a Soloflex machine and the other featured a muscled, shirtless man pumping iron. The ads had nearly identical Ad Meter scores, ranking in the middle of the pack of that year's ads.
  • If one supermodel gets attention then three must triple it. Pepsi scored big with supermodels (left to right) Bridget Hall, Cindy Crawford and Tyra Banks swooning over a newborn baby. The spot placed second in the 1997 Ad Meter, just below Pepsi's dancing bears.
  • Supermodels and Super Bowl ads have always had a close relationship. One of the most popular partnerships was Pepsi and Cindy Crawford. This 1992 ad was the second-most-popular in that year's Ad Meter contest as several boys watch Crawford slowly drink a Pepsi that highlights the cola's new logo and package design. "Is that a great new Pepsi can, or what?" one boy asks.
  • An M&M spot featuring a swimsuit-clad Halle Berry did well, placing 12th in 1999. In the commercial, a large, talking M&M whets Berry’s appetite for chocolate. She pursue the M&M, who is floating in a swimming pool, while he quickly tries to paddle away.
  • Tuxedo-clad Ray Charles and the slinky backup 'Uh-Huh Girls' helped pitch Diet Pepsi with the jingle "You got the right one, baby. Uh-huh." The popular ad placed third in the 1991 USA TODAY Ad Meter survey of Super Bowl ads.
  • The 1998 Super Bowl also saw a couple of ads featuring half-naked male athletes and models. A naked and muscled San Antonios Spurs star David Robinson was featured in a Nike ad titled 'Evolution of Skin.' The ad did not score well in the 1998 Ad Meter, placing in the bottom 10.
  • Westin Hotels featured a towel-draped hunk in its ad for 'Asian Resorts' and asked "Who is he sleeping with?" It was the fourth-least-popular ad in 1998.
  • Doritos scored well with its ad featuring a bodacious Ali Landry, who literally does flips for a new line of “3D”-branded chips while she’s at a laundromat. The spot earned Landry – a former Miss USA – the informal title of “Doritos girl” and future starring spots in Doritos ads. This ad took seventh place in the 1998 Ad Meter.
  • One of the more controversial ads aired in 1997 for Holiday Inn. To represent Holiday Inn’s renovations, the hotel chain’s ad featured a man who had changed sexes. In the ad, the now-feminine man dons a low-cut leopard dress for his a class reunion – and surprises a classmate who realizes that this sexy woman is actually “Bob Johnson.”
  • Supermodel Tyra Banks jiggled flirtatiously at a celebrity-filled party hosted by Lil' Penny, a puppet-like version of Penny Hardaway of the Orlando Magic, in this 1997 Nike ad.
  • Indy-car driver Danica Patrick gets a massage in this 2010 ad. Despite the attention paid to GoDaddy, the ad was the second-least-popular ad in that year's Ad Meter.
  • Superstar Beyonce starred in this 2010 Vizio ad in this slinky red dress.
  • In this humorous 2010 Doritos ad, a kid tells his mama's date the house rules: Hands off his Doritos and his mom.
  • Scantily dressed model Adriana Lima plays with a football to the song "I'm in the Mood for Love" in this 2008 ad for Victoria's Secret promoting Valentine's Day.
  • Men wait in line to take photos with Carmen Electra in this 2008 Ice Breakers ad. After a fan gives her an Ice Breaker Ice Cube she says 'Whoa" which her bodyguards mistake for a cue to take out the fan.
  • Some say the use of sexual imagery in Super Bowl ads got its start in 1973, when Noxzema ran a spot where star quarterback Joe Namath declares "I'm so excited, I'm gonna get creamed," as then little-known model Farrah Fawcett sensually covers his face with shaving cream. The ad closes with Namath telling Fawcett, "You've got a great pair of hands."
  • The ads in the 2004 Super Bowl were known for their rude and crude jokes and animals, including Anheuser Busch's gas-passing horse that spoils a date and a crotch-biting dog. Anheuser Busch also featured this ad where a man's pet monkey makes a move on his sexy date.
  • In a twist for, their surprise new GoDaddy girl one of their 2011 spots was seventy-something Joan Rivers.
  • Kim Kardashian starred in a racy spot for Skechers last year in which she gets up close and personal with her personal trainer.
  • Pepsi Max aired a 2011 spot in which viewers could overhear what a guy on a first date with a Pepsi Max-drinking girl was repeatedly thinking: "I wanna sleep with her. I wanna sleep with her."
  • In a consumer-generated ad for Doritos, a checkout girl gets excited as she flirtatiously discusses her customer's wide-ranging choice of Doritos.
  • In another sexy 2005 ad, McIlhenny Tabasco featured a bathing beauty's reversed tan lines that display the hot sauce's unique qualities.
  • Anheuser-Busch in 2005 had a humorous ad spoofing creepy pickup scenes as a parrot protects a woman at the bar from creepy guys who wants to buy her a Bud.
  • A year after the infamous 2004 half-time show wardrobe malfunction, ran its very first Super Bowl ad in 2005 that spoofed the Janet Jackson scandal. The ad for the then little-known Internet domain name company featured a buxom woman in a tank top testifying before a Congressional committee on broadcast censorship. The strap on her top breaks as she demonstrates what she would do on a Super Bowl ad.
  • The iconic Apple '1984' ad promoting the release of the Macintosh computer featured a sexy woman in shorts and a tank top who runs into a room packed with human drones listening to their leader on a giant TV screen. The athletic woman throws a sledgehammer and destroys the screen, freeing them from Big Brother.
  • Several ads were also run for ED drugs like Levitra and Cialis in 2004. None of the ads, including this one for Cialis that featured romantic scenes with couples, did very well in Ad Meter scoring.
  • offered up its version of a wet T-shirt contest in this 2007 ad as a spokesman takes us into the company's marketing department where there's a party going on.
  • In 2007, Chevrolet gave us men who take off their clothes and wash a Chevy HHR in the middle of an intersection with the line, "Guys can't keep their hands off it."
  • In this 2006 Ameriquest ad titled 'Turbulence', a woman tries to pass by two sleeping passengers seated next to her on her way to the restroom and turbulence accidentally knocks her into the lap of one of the passengers and the lights turn on. Tag line is: 'Don't Judge too quickly. We Won't'.
  • In a reversal of the usual ogling of a woman, Pepsi ran an ad in which Cindy Crawford and other women eye and follow a hunky Diet Pepsi drinker. The ad placed 10th in the 2005 Ad Meter, scoring higher than the sexy GoDaddy and Tabasco ads.
  • A 2006 Dove commercial took a different approach to beauty and encouraged girls to not buy into the society’s stereotypes of what makes an alluring woman. Instead, it promoted self-esteem and said that “every girl deserves to feel good about herself.” The ad showed young girls who wanted to be thinner, prettier - or even blond – but encouraged girls to celebrate in their own “true colors.”
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NEW YORK - Madison Avenue has been using sex to sell products for years and no where is that more evident than in the biggest advertising venue of all: the Super Bowl. Take a look back at the sexiest of our generation.

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