3-year-old boy found dead under home, mother accused of murder

8:01 PM, Jan 23, 2012   |    comments
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A decomposed body - believed to be that of 3-year-old Caleb Pacheco - was found underneath a mobile home in Logan County on Sunday.

The saga began more than a year ago when family members say they knew Juanita Kinzie was unfit to be a mother.

"She was asking me to watch him, so she could party at night," Yolanda Kinzie-Graber, Caleb's aunt, said.

Kinzie-Graber says Juanita Kinzie had alcohol and drug problems. Kinzie had asked her extended family to take Caleb for most of the time in late 2010.

Caleb's family members say they loved him like a son and knew his mother wasn't doing a good job of parenting.

"He had a life here. It wasn't just we were babysitting him, he literally lived with us," Kinzie-Graber said.

About a year ago, Kinzie wanted her son back - even though Caleb tried to communicate to everybody that he didn't want to go when his mother was there.

"He changed. He got angry. I've never seen a little kid so angry before," Kinzie-Graber said.

Still, Caleb's mother got her way and took Caleb in January 2011. It was the last time his extended family would see the boy.

The family says they had pleaded with social services to get Caleb from his mother. They say Kinzie would lie to authorities and nothing ever happened.

On Sunday, their worst suspicions about Caleb were confirmed.

Police told the family they are "90 percent" sure the remains of a boy, wrapped in a blanket and found under a trailer, are those of Caleb.

"We wanna get this nationwide - that way this never happens to another little girl, another little boy again," Sean York, whose daughter was Caleb's sibling, said.

The family says they tried over and over again to work with the Department of Human Services, who wouldn't comment to 9NEWS Monday because records are sealed.

The family says they hope this example shows the need for some sort of reform - some change, they say, that would have saved Caleb's life.

Court documents show Kinzie has a criminal history that includes domestic abuse from before Caleb was born.

Kinzie has a status hearing set for Feb. 8 at 8 a.m.

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