Why Super Bowl advertising is worth the cost

3:04 PM, Feb 5, 2012   |    comments
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There are a growing number of fans who are watching the action on smaller screens.

Verizon Wireless customers can get the game on their handheld devices because of a collaboration involving the carrier, the NFL and NBC, which will carry the game on TV.

The game is also available online at NBCSports.com.

That version of the game will have interactive features, but it won't have the same ads that will air on the broadcast version.

But that may not matter. Marketing experts say roughly 20 of the 36 Super Bowl advertisers released their ads before the game this year.

The idea is to get more bang for the $3.5 million bucks advertisers are spending per ad by generating buzz online first.

But while the commercials get most of the attention, experts say they aren't the only ads that will be seen during the game.

"The whole idea of sports marketing involves sponsorship. So you'll have a number of brands that become exclusive sponsors for the event. They not only get access to better advertising spots, but they also get signage on the field, signage in the stadium, virtual signage which is digital advertising that looks like it's on the field but it's really only on TV. There are really a lot of ways that brands can be involved in this sort of event," according to Darrin Duber-Smith, professor of marketing at Metropolitan State College.

Duber-Smith says most Super Bowl ad campaigns are part of a larger integrated marketing strategy that include in-store displays, radio ads and social media.

He says most large companies feel the exposure these types of campaigns bring their brands is worth the cost, even if they are in financial trouble as some Super Bowl advertisers are.

"The return on investment can sometimes be excellent. The one thing you don't do when you're in financial trouble is decimate your marketing. Marketing is what generates revenue," Duber-Smith said.

He cites Pepsi, which he says refused to advertise at the Super Bowl a few years ago and lost a large portion of their market share and what he estimates to be hundreds of millions of dollars because of a smaller marketing budget.

However Pepsi, along with many other brands, will have ads airing in this year's Super Bowl which can be seen starting at 4:30 p.m. on 9NEWS.

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