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9Teacher Who Cares, but can he tell a joke?

11:09 AM, Feb 10, 2012   |    comments
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Ron Lamb teaches math at Union Colony School in Greeley. It's a college-prep charter school with a small campus, and huge dreams.  

The kids who go here are smart and will no doubt one day be leaders in their chosen fields. Just sitting in Mr. Lamb's class for 15 minutes made me realize two things; that I don't miss high school and that I was never anywhere near as intelligent as these young people are. 

The math problems were enough to make my head explode. But they didn't seem to bother the students all that much. Some of them told us that's because of their teacher's expertise and patience.  

Math is hard - he makes it easier.  

"I am a perfectionist, and he is very good with telling me it's OK to make mistakes, and helping me work through the mistakes. He's a wonderful teacher, one of the best I've ever had," one student, Rachel Faulkner, said.

Another thing about Mr. Lamb - he likes to tell jokes. 

"I try", he told us. "I think I'm funny, some would agree sometimes anyway."  

An example of his joke telling: "How do you make Janet laugh on Friday, tell her a joke on Monday."  

"He has some jokes", a student told us, "but they're really lame and he thinks they are so funny but they're not funny."  

Another student said "he deserves sympathy chuckles because they are not all that funny." 

Another student said "his jokes are hilarious. They're really corny and don't make much sense most of the time."  

But that's one reason his students love him - his really bad jokes are endearing.

Ron Lamb loves teaching, loves helping his students, and loves telling bad jokes.  Congratulations Mr. Lamb for being chosen our February 9Teacher Who Cares.  And that's no joke.

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