3 Colorado State Patrol cadets suffer from renal failure during training

7:36 PM, Feb 13, 2012   |    comments
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A spokesperson for the State Patrol will not release names or other details about the training incident that led to the illnesses.

"Our academy staff noticed that three were exhibiting symptoms of potential medical problems. And the academy staff immediately identified those symptoms and immediately contacted local medical centers and hospitals," CSP Sgt. Mike Baker said.

They say privacy concerns force them to keep the information from the public.

"What I can tell you is that our academy runs the cadet program in a specifically regimented fashion," Baker said. "In the past 30-plus years of institutional experience here at the academy, we have never seen, as an organization, this particular problem, or any kind of a cadet hospitalized in this fashion. This is an anomaly. This has not occurred."

9Wants to Know was able to confirm with an attorney for the association that represents State Patrol officers who says at least three cadets suffered from renal failure.

The State Patrol says it has reviewed its training program to see if was too rigorous. That review found that this incident was an "anomaly" and will not be making any major changes to their training program.

"I can't make a determination of whether they were pushed too hard or not. All that we can say is we planned this program as best we can. It has worked in the past," Baker said. "Short of some very minor, minor variances that they have identified, the structure of the program in and of itself and the foundation has not changed. It's a program that we have studied, that we have planned and that has worked for multiple cadet classes in the past."

He says no environmental factors in the academy contributed to the medical problems.

"It's more difficult than maybe certain people would be able to handle. But these cadets come in, we do our best to fully prepare them, and we are confident when they come in they can handle the rigors of the academy," Baker said. "It's not suggested that they drink water and stay hydrated, it is required of them. It's not, 'Take a water break if you need it,' it is, 'You will drink water at this time.' They all carry around 32-ounce water bottles with them full all the time to make sure they're fully hydrated."

He says when the cadets recover, they can resume their training if they wish.

"We are going to extend them every opportunity, if they wish to do so, to continue their employment with us during the next cadet class in the summer of 2012," he said.

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