'Wanderlust' takes a stroll through the hippie life

4:17 PM, Feb 23, 2012   |    comments
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So, could this cast imagine leading the hippie life themselves? Aniston said she couldn't comply with two big rules: "It's a tossup between the free love and no doors on the bathrooms," she said.

Akerman agrees: "I don't think so," Akerman said. "I think I could do aspects of it. The freedom of living together is great. I just wouldn't want to share myself or my husband with people. But I think I'm more of a city girl, to be honest." Hahn also wanted privacy. "I think I'd need my own space," Hahn said. "I think I'd need some doors." "I went to Burning Man one and it was a miserable disaster," Kenney-Silver added.

Love on the back burner: Aniston and Theroux made sure the night belonged to the movie, not the tabloids. The new power couple, who met on the set of Wanderlust, chose not to pose together on the red carpet. Instead, Aniston embraced Akerman and Hahn and posed for a photo op with Rudd. A clean-shaven Theroux, meanwhile, did a few media stops and then bee-lined inside the theater.

No on-set romance: Wain said that despite the free-love vibe on the Wanderlust set, the Aniston-Theroux spark didn't ignite until after the production wrapped. "That wasn't on set, that happened way after the movie was done," he said.

New side of Jen: Following her acclaimed turn as a sex-addicted dentist in last summer's Horrible Bosses, Aniston continues her R-rated run in this film. "I think she goes to places in this movie that she's never gone in a million different ways," Wain said. "Her character and her as an actress breaks out of her shell and really explodes." Aniston said Wanderlust will take you by surprise. "You're going to laugh you're a--- off," she promised. "It's bizarre, it's nothing you're prepared for." Wain said the film is "a fun departure for her. She's kind of America's Sweetheart, so we thought it would be great for her to then kind of play against that -

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