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Wyoming prepares for 'doomsday'

10:55 PM, Feb 26, 2012   |    comments
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The Wyoming State Legislature approved the first step in its 'doomsday bill' which would create a government task force in the event of complete chaos.

House Bill 85 as it is known is sponsored by a Representative from Riverton, Wyoming named David Miller.

Miller told his colleagues Friday he doesn't anticipate anything major happening in America any time soon, but given the national debt topping $15 trillion bucks and so many protests around the country - why not be prepared?

Since Wyoming is a pretty sound financial state, Miller and his colleagues tossed around a few ideas, some of which residents found bizarre. One idea is to create its own military and state wide currency in case something awful happens to the rest of the world.

When it comes to military ideas, Representative Kermit Brown from Laramie said it might be a good idea to consider implementing a military draft or acquire an aircraft carrier.

Keep in mind that the population of the entire state of Wyoming is a tad bit less than the population of the city of Denver.

The task force would also look at ways to provide food for all of the state's residents in case food runs out. The bill still has to pass two more house votes before it heads to the Senate.

 (KUSA-TV © 2012 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

(KUSA-TV © 2012 Multimedia Holdings Corporation)

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