Cost of gas may reflect terror-threat level

1:25 PM, Feb 27, 2012   |    comments
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One of the biggest topics at the forum is America's over-reliance on fossil fuels. Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn (Ret.) concludes that our energy posture constitutes a serious and urgent threat to our national security diplomatically, militarily and economically.

"Those who wish to do the United States harm can exploit our over-reliance on fossil fuel. Regarding gas prices going up, it is really discouraging to say 'here we go again.'  Our energy security isn't in our control with our present portfolio of energy," said McGinn.

Another topic being discussed at the forum is the ongoing tensions with Iran. Many people are uncertain about the possible closure of the Strait of Hormuz in the event of a strike by Israel or the U.S.

Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti says rising gas prices indicate that the uncertainty in these areas will affect us, even though we are far away from those locations.

"Because of our reliance on oil, we are seeing the impacts in the sense of rising gas prices," said Morisetti. "It's quite clear we need to sort the future of the straits out diplomatically, which requires all the global institutions to work together to do so."

With China's current expansion, there is also fear that the supply and demand will become greater and the competition will lead to conflict.

Both of the Admirals are adamant about the U.S. expanding energy choices, and squeezing as much value out of every amount of liquid oil we can. Energy efficacy is the best form of security.

"We must make better use of renewable sources," said Morisetti. "There are some real opportunities there for growth and prosperity."

Garrett Boyd contributed to this report.

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