A look at the facts in the Trayvon Martin shooting

6:41 PM, Mar 26, 2012   |    comments
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George Zimmerman, 28, has claimed he shot Martin in self defense, a claim that has been bitterly debated by others. 9NEWS, in an effort to allow you to come to your own conclusions, has decided to highlight a few key areas.

Zimmerman has a permit to carry a concealed weapon in the state of Florida (Source: http://www.sanfordfl.gov/index.html) and was not prohibited from carrying a gun during his volunteer work as a neighborhood watch captain.

Zimmerman does have a history of calling 911 on a routine basis. Sanford Police records indicate he had called 911 on 46 occasions since 2004 prior to the Feb. 26 call to report "a suspicious guy" walking around his neighborhood. (Source: http://www.sanfordfl.gov/investigation/docs/911CallHistory.pdf)

Martin, while not a permanent resident of the neighborhood, was staying with the fiancee' of his father's at the time of the shooting. (Source: http://www.sanfordfl.gov/investigation/docs/TwinLakesTownhomesShootingUpDate.pdf)

Martin had recently been suspended from school. Published reports indicate he might have been suspended for having an empty bag of marijuana. (Source: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/os-trayvon-martin-zimmerman-account-20120326,0,6927332.story)

911 calls paint a partial picture of what happened last month, and a number indicate that someone was screaming shortly before a single shot was heard. As of now, it is unclear who was screaming. (Source: 911 calls - http://www.sanfordfl.gov/frames/home_frames.html)

Zimmerman's call (Call #1), according to some listeners, appears to highlight Zimmerman using a racial slur while talking to the operator. Others have suggested he was heard saying "goons."
The initial police report suggests Zimmerman had been injured as a result of a fight or scuffle with Martin. (Source: http://www.sanfordfl.gov/investigation/docs/Twin%20Lakes%20Shooting%20Initial%20Report.pdf)

Zimmerman's race itself has been called into question as well, with some media reports listing him as white. Other reports have called him Hispanic or even white Hispanic. Zimmerman's voter registration information indicates "Hispanic." Published reports have said that Zimmerman's father was white and mother was of "Peruvian" heritage.

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