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Caught on camera: Calif. police make forceful arrest

7:08 AM, May 2, 2012   |    comments
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Police were detaining Barike Wiltz, 34, because he was intoxicated. A scuffle with an officer began with the suspect and home video, shot by a nearby store owner, shows Barike trying to grab the officer's gun.

The suspect then fled a block away to Miner Avenue where we was beaten almost a dozen times by three officers with batons.

A News10 crew was on the street corner taping an unrelated interview and caught the incident on camera.

"I thought it looked like Rodney King being beaten, it seemed like it was too much," witness Trevon Edwards said.

Police defend their actions.

"The suspect grabbed the officers gun and tried to pull it out of the holster, because of that, we used any force necessary to stop the suspect and make an arrest," Det. Joe Silva said.

The suspect, a parolee, is being held in the San Joaquin County Jail on charges of fighting with police and trying to grab an officer's weapon.

Written by Cornell Barnard

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