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Good Samaritan saves life of driver in fiery crash

6:41 PM, May 6, 2012   |    comments
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  • Fiery crash (CREDIT: John Petersen)
  • Fiery crash (CREDIT: John Petersen)

The Aurora father of four was on Interstate 225 southbound at about 2 a.m. Saturday when he saw a truck in trouble heading northbound near Alameda Avenue.

"It just blew...just blew up, [and went] boom!" he described. "The whole cab was on fire. The whole thing. There were flames coming up the door. There were flames in the front, there were flames everywhere. The whole thing was on fire. The whole thing."

Allen says the family set out to go watch the new movie "The Avengers," but missed two shows and ended up going to the 11 p.m. showing.

"God had me [on that road] in that place, at that time 'cause there is no reason for me to be out at 2 o'clock in the morning with my family," he said.

Allen says the truck exploded before it hit the median. He didn't think the driver was drunk as he was trying to get him out. According to Allen, the driver looked disoriented at first and then tried to get out from the passenger side. But that didn't work.

"I kept hollering, 'Get out, you gotta get out! It's about to blow, you gotta get out!' We had literally seconds," he said. "All I could think about [is] 'this man can't burn in this truck. He can't burn in this truck. Not tonight.'"

Allen says as he was pulling on the driver's side door handle as the entire front of the truck was on fire. He kept pulling and then running out and calling out for help.

"Nobody was stopping, I was looking around for people to stop and nobody was stopping," he said.

Allen told 9NEWS one person pulled over, and two Aurora police officers responded to his wife's 911 call.

"I couldn't have gotten him out by myself," he said, describing the driver as weighing over 200 pounds. I thank God that they came. And they helped, and we did it together, and the man didn't have a burn on him. Not a burn! The whole thing was on fire, and he was inside."

From anyone's standpoint, Allen is a hero, but he doesn't see himself as such. He admits he was scared.

9NEWS tried finding the truck driver - who Allen says is doing OK and was released from the hospital yesterday - but could not locate him. Allen told 9NEWS he visited the driver at the hospital on Saturday, met and prayed with his family, gave them his family's information in case they want to get in touch.

"I was where I was supposed to be," Allen said.

Allen's wife told 9NEWS about her husband's actions. John Petersen emailed as well, saying he had pictures.

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