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'Obama Presidential Library' outhouse riddled with bullet holes

9:59 AM, Jun 19, 2012   |    comments
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The outhouse has provoked debate crossing all party lines. A Florence man built it, and before the convention, had it displayed at the Memorial Day Parade in Corvallis.

It's a mobile political statement sparking a lot of emotion. Dave Hurtt said he built the outhouse as a statement against Obama's policies. Outside are fake bullet holes. Inside, is a mockup of Barack Obama's birth certificate.

There's also a sign that said, "For a good time,"... then the names Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

Hurtt said it's like old fashioned outhouse graffiti.

"It's just a spoof," said Hurtt, "a joke, maybe my humor is a bit crude for some people."

The state Republican party didn't get the joke.

"It no way represents the values of the Montana Republican party," said party spokesman, Chris Shipp, "and that's why we asked the hotel staff to have it removed from the property immediately."

Critics said the outhouse and everything in it is offensive.

They said it's even threatening.

"This is against Montana values," said state Democratic spokesman Chris Saeger.

The outhouse has a list of names of a number of prominent national and local democrats, plus so called left leaning commentators and celebrities.

"Some of the left wing pundits that want to run down the Republican party, so I'm perhaps striking back," said Hurtt.

Hurtt said he has received a lot of "thumbs up" for his creation, but as of now, Montana's political leaders are distancing themselves from the outhouse as fast as they can.

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