Racial slur put on church's sign

11:37 AM, Jul 23, 2012   |    comments
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"It makes me angry but it also makes me sad," said Pastor of Salem Baptist Church, Randy Lucas.

Lucus was disgusted when he pulled up for his sermon and saw his marquee out front vandalized with a racial slur: the "n" word.

"As soon as we saw it we took it down immediately because we didn't want to leave that up at all," said Lucas.

According to Lucus, this is the third time his marquee has been corrupted.

"It's certainly not our position as a church, we have zero tolerance to any kind of racism, bigotry or prejudice, and we are not about that at all."

Salem Baptist is on a busy road and Lucus fears passerbys may think those hateful words are the opinion of the church.

"We don't know who saw it and what people have thought. Hopefully people did not take it seriously. "

Despite his anger about the messages, he's concerned about the well being of whoever's doing it.

"This is a spiritual problem and this person needs to know Jesus," said Lucas. "We have been praying for this person ever since this happened. And we are just praying that God will help them understand that they need to change, they need to turn to him."

Written by Steven Dial

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