Olympic athletes can inspire in the workplace

10:10 AM, Jul 31, 2012   |    comments
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Dr. TC North is a sports psychologist and business-performance consultant. He has been a personal, not physical coach to more than 30 Olympians and says that people should use the games as a way to get inspired and to copy in their businesses the strength and perseverance the athletes used to get where they are.

He uses Gold-Medalist Missy Franklin as an example.

"Here is this teenage girl who has learned how to manage her energy," North said. "She swam the 200 and qualified, and then had 15 minutes to swim the 100, and she won a Gold Medal, which is absolutely amazing. It's not even her best event. What can we learn from that? She didn't complain about that set-up. Most of us put a lot of energy into blaming, complaining, making excuses in our lives, and she is so not the victim of that schedule."

North offers four tips to help change attitudes in the workplace.
North says to have the courage to fail. He says that many people that achieve great things will take the risk that they may fail at what they do.

Being a 'mindset maniac' is the next step North offers.

"[Franklin] had to manage her energy before the race," North said. "She had to think the right thoughts. If you read her quotes, she has thought about this moment so many times, done the imagery to prepare this and what she said, I love: 'swimming is so mental.' So, they mentally prepare before, they have to keep their focus during, and they have to learn from their mistakes and what they were successful after."

North says people need to "own it." Don't blame or complain. People need to take responsibility for both the bad and good things that they do in the workplace. If they want to start blaming bad things on others, they don't have control and can't improve.

The last tip that North offers is to "excel with fire" and be passionate.

"I have not met anybody-business, athletics, dancers, performers-[they need to have] passion for what they do, they would do it no matter what the pay. Most of us work during the day and then go home at night," North said. "What if we took that 15 minutes that Missy Franklin did to switch mindsets. Instead of carrying all our stuff from work, all our stress, all our frustration, maybe our anger and taking it home with us. What if we could do what she did and put it aside, put it behind us and get present again."

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