Why so many strange lobsters this year?

12:41 PM, Aug 10, 2012   |    comments
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The Aquarium has three of them right now, along with an unusually high number of other odd lobsters this year.

There are two lobsters that are close to 20 pounds, a bi-colored lobster - half red, half black, calico lobsters, and earlier this year there was a lobster with three claws on one side.

If it seems like we're hearing more and more about different colored lobsters or big lobsters these days, it's because we are. But it's not necessarily because there are more of them out there.

Chris Blair, an aquarist at the Aquarium says there are likely two reasons for the boom in unique looking lobsters. One is that the lobster catch is going up, and so there is a higher probability that a strange lobster will be in there.

The other is the growth of social media. People are sharing pictures of lobsters, and so more people are aware of them. More people also are thinking to call the aquarium because they know from social media that there is interest.

Blair said he'd really like to see an albino lobster. And, "I'm just waiting for the day when they find a 20 pound blue lobster because they're out there."

Submitted by Caroline Cornish

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