Small town provides US Capitol Christmas Tree

5:36 PM, Oct 19, 2012   |    comments
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In two weeks, the Capitol Christmas Tree will be harvested in Meeker, Colo. - a town of 2,500 people. After it's cut down, it will head to Washington D.C. to be erected in front of the Capitol building.

"It's just a big deal for us," town administrator Scott Meszaros said.

Along with hunting season - which draws hundreds of hunters to the town - city planners are busy preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime honor.

"They picked Meeker and the White River so they will harvest the tree here and take it to D.C.," Meszaros said.

At the Meeker Café, the special tree has become the talk of the town - putting Meeker in the National spotlight. Long-time residents like Melinda Parker and Doris Welle hope - by giving the nation a tree - they'll get more attention, people and money.

"We are really struggling with the economy, and we are hoping this will give us a good boost," Parker said.

"I think it's wonderful. I'm just so excited about it, for us to get some notoriety is great," Welle said.

In fact, several days of events and celebrations are being planned around the Capitol Tree. First up, the tree will be cut on Nov. 2 - which will include a time for the public to see the tree and a Ute blessing. Then, on Nov. 3, the tree moves to Meeker for a day of fun.

"Our law enforcement and county are stepping up with logistics - moving the tree and closing the roads - and they actually guarding the tree, Meszaros said. "They're going to have fireworks and events and different things going on in the community."

Then it will leave on a nationwide tour to D.C.

Meszaros gets to help with the harvest of the tree.

"It is kind of a neat deal, and something you don't see every day," Meszaros said. "It will be a neat transformation."

The tree may impact some hunters also. The weekend it's being cut down and moved is also the start of the third elk season. County Road 8 - which many hunters use - will be reduced to one lane for several hours and then closed for a short time while the tree is cut and moved to Meeker.


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