Police officers teach kids about stranger danger

9:53 PM, Oct 27, 2012   |    comments
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The Lakewood Police department says they've been inundated with calls from parents asking questions about what they should say to their kids and what they should teach them about stranger danger.

Two officers from the department held a class with students at the Boys and Girls Club of Jefferson County. They went over everything from Halloween safety to the everyday things kids need to keep in mind.

"They want their kids to have a good time and grow up," Officer David Adams said. "But it's kind of confusing, and on the other hand you don't want your kids to be tragically victimized. So we teach them a few things. Always walk places in groups and have a buddy. We talk to them about not going with strangers and running away. But, also we wanted them to identify things like the color of the car maybe a number or letter in the plate number."

Adams and his partner use role playing and props to teach kids from first to eighth grade about the warning signs of a potentially dangerous situation.

"Kids are trusting and we tell them that most people are good but they need to stay on their toes and be able to react appropriately to certain scenarios," Adams said.

Adams said the Jefferson County district attorney has put together an assembly for students on how to be safe. Lakewood police officers will be trained on how to give the presentation and schools will be able to schedule times for the officers to come in.

After the community suffered the loss of Jessica Ridgeway, Adams says everyone is doing everything they can to make sure her tragedy never happens to another child in their community.

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