Obama Senior Strategist reveals final plans for Election Day

1:58 PM, Nov 6, 2012   |    comments
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"It's an exciting day. Election Day is always an exciting day and an inspiring day to me and to everyone. We're very upbeat about the results today. We've been building for this day for a year and a half, anticipating a close election," Axelrod said. "We've got millions of volunteers stationed across this country to get out the vote including the all important state of Colorado. Our goal now is take sure people vote."

Axelrod explained what went into the decision for President Obama to stay in Chicago Tuesday instead of campaigning like his opponent Mitt Romney.

"Well he's also sending satellite feeds like this into battleground states. Partly we didn't want to detract assets from the get out the vote efforts and any time you bring the president to an area there's volunteer strength and staff strength that you need to devote to that. We'd rather have them working on the get out the vote efforts," Axelrod said. "I can't speak for our opponents and why they don't think that's important, but I suspect they feel they're in some degree of trouble and therefore they want to get their candidate out there for a frantic last minute appeal."

Axelrod was a top political advisor to President Bill Clinton as well as a campaign advisor to President Obama during his 2008 presidential run.

Following the 2008 election, Axelrod was appointed Senior Advisor to President Obama. He left the position in early 2011 to become the Senior Strategist for Obama's re-election campaign.

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